Friday, 13 February 2009

Sandcastles At Dawn

So with a Test match cancelled due to a bad pitch, England are now left twiddling their thumbs. But NWG has been thinking and instead of wasting the day sitting in the dressing room and playing cards, she's come up with a way to allow for a result to be reached. And today.

NWG proposes a sandcastle competition between England and the West Indies to be judged and adjudicated by the Umpires (they should have to earn their money at least).

The most complicated wins.

Or the tallest wins.

Or the one with the most turrets wins.

Or the one featuring a cricket field, complete with batting square wins.

Or the one NWG decides she likes the most wins (although wouldn't technically be fair, as she would definitely choose England, but not if Ryan Sidebottom made it).

If only Stanford was interested in sandcastles, he could have come up with a winning prize fund instead of NWG only being able to offer a bottle of beer (still, beggars can't be choosers).

Still, it will keep them busy at least.

It could even be dragged out for five days, with each day becoming more and more intricate. NWG can't help but feel this is really and truly an excellent idea.


Anonymous said...

With all that sand maybe they could reimagine Lawrence Of Arabia...

What an absolute farce. Nasser Hussain has been grilling Haroon Lorgat on Sky Sports and credit to Slow Malcolm's replacement, he seems much less slow and actually considers the travelling supporters!

I'm off to watch Secret Army.

David said...

May i suggest you switch supporting teams, THe Australian side is alwasy welcoming of new supporters :)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Oh Oomby. NWG appreciates that you're concerned for her state of mind given England's current rubbish status, but fear not, for she is perfectly happy supporting a side defunct of decent batsmen and proficient bowlers. It makes it all that bit more interesting. Or something...

David said...

Surely more... depressing...?

I must admit with the current state of both teams I am highly anticipating the Ahses series in july and would like to call it now, Aussie win 3-1