Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sick. Pig.

Nightwatchgirl is disappointed.

England came so close.

Victory was outside the chip shop. England were on the other side of the road. They could see the chips being served. They could smell the chips being fried. But the road was busy.

And besides, they had no money anyway.

What can England learn from today? Well it's not the lack of runs that's the problem. It's the bowling attack. Besides Flintoff being injured (again, again, again, again), England lacked a bowler that could cause havoc.

Maybe England were a bit unlucky today. Maybe the West Indies were granted a bit of luck being offered the light (and taking it, quite rightly).

What remains is that, minus the pitch which wasn't the greatest (not surprising really, given that it was a football field six days ago), England must (must x100) improve if they are to stand any chance this summer.

Nightwatchgirl is off for some chips because she has money and she can cross the road.


Anonymous said...

I think that this really was a benign pitch (and as such, we'll find that the batting is still a problem.) I think that a lot of pace attacks would have found it tricky to force a win.

However, you're right - we no longer have a havoc bowler. Decline of Harmison, Flintoff, etc. I'll throw in that this is Swann's fatal flaw. He can psych out some wickets, but he won't run through the tail...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Metatone (great name), you've hit the nail on the head, Australia would have totally struggled too....or something.

We have to give Swann a bit of a break. He's not played many Tests and he's still learning. NWG doesn't have much patience as a general rule; she'll give him another 5 games.

Anonymous said...

I loved this test match because it was a proper test match, played at a cricket ground rather than a business based arena with a crowd there which loved the game. Have to say I felt a bit emotional when the first balls were bowled again at the ARG. And loved the tense finish, proving that Test cricket belongs at the ARG.

Panesar needs to go back to county cricket and work on variations. He's not that old so his best years are ahead of him. Swann offers more in batting, fielding and self-confidence as well as being arguably as good a bowler. He should have thrown in some crap balls at the WI tail. I've found that full bungers and half trackers (of which I know quite a bit...) to tail enders get wickets.

Haven't seen much of Adil Rashid so can't make much of a judgement. We'll see how the SA-Aus series goes to get a guid to the Aussies' confidence. Roll on next Thursday :)

Broady's coming on nicely but Freddie is crocked again. I'm wondering if Fred's body is now starting to give up on him. Nice to see Rav the Chav (I'm an Essex supporter) going out there, although he's not in Freddie's class as a bowler.

Who is our next havoc go-to bowler?