Sunday, 8 February 2009

Strauss Says What Every England Fan Knows

Trying to shrug off the mess of yesterday is hard. Not only did England play badly (aside from the West Indies playing brilliantly - let's not forget that part), this is not the year for batting disasters.

Maybe England are just getting it out of the way for 2009.

If so, excellent. If not, bugger.

Andrew Strauss, the poor man (KP must be relieved and rubbing his hands with glee to get out of this firing line), said that he's "pretty angry."

Well, at least that's something. Strauss has feelings. Brilliant.

The main question is: can England remember how to bat before the next Test?

NWG is more than happy to fly out and give her opinion on the matter (given that she has never played cricket, it's more than likely that her advice would be of high class and extremely useful).

ECB: you know where her email address is.


Unknown said...

You might be forgetting that EWCB dont want a change. They were offered a new approach by KP and they said "No thanks, we like things the way they are". As long as they win one match or get a couple of draws in the Ashes, they will be content.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

But NWG won't be.

David said...

Ashes, oh yes that's this year... ;)

Anonymous said...

Your opinion is probabbly better than the bumch of halfwits that they have running the show at the moment.

We shouldn't let this detract where where the real problems are however, and that is on the pitch!

No amount of off field troubles can excuse the poor performance of the players. Each and every one should be ashamed of themsleves.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

That is true. NWG has offered her services as an unlifting speaker filled with platitudes and encouraging words to the ECB. No word back, though...