Saturday, 14 March 2009

20 + 20 = 40

Tomorrow's twenty20 does not come at the greatest time for England.

Because they're not very good.

Let's be honest here.

Test matches - not very good. Occasionally can win, but it's becoming a rarity. Excuses are carted out all over the place. Bowlers are rested. Batsmen are sidelined. Yet still England have found no 'golden' team to do the business. The West Indies series is evidence of this.

ODI - sometimes good. Beat South Africa last summer, but then that was only because they whooped England in the Test series and they were tired. And then there was the Indian ODI series. What happened there then....

Twenty20 - the only good memory NWG has of Twenty20 games involving England was that one game played in the summer of 2005, where England beat Australia by 100 runs. NWG thinks that perhaps 2005 was some magical year (maybe like 1966), where moons and stars align and make all other sporting teams either lose or cause injuries to important players (when else has a fast bowler 'stepped' on a stray ball and sprained their ankle? Exactly). The other overriding memory is, of course, the game played for money by the strange Texan man who now probably faces jail. Oh yes. And England lost. Badly.

So, in conclusion. England have not played good cricket in five years. They lose a lot. Sometimes they win. Pitches are blamed. Captains are sacked. What remains is that tomorrow's game does not fill NWG with hope. Her expectations are so low, that if even one player makes in in to double figures or a bowler gets a wicket, she will smile.


Anonymous said...

All I'm asking for is a better performance than in the Stanford shambles...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG feels the same. It's all we can hope for at this stage.

Anonymous said...

NWG, I feel very strongly that winning in 2005 was, ironically, the cause of the problem. All of a sudden we were world-beaters, which seemingly meant we didn't actually need to work as hard any more.

As the saying goes, getting there is the easy part, champagne receptions at 10 Downing Street are harder...or something