Sunday, 15 March 2009

England's Batting Perfomance. Rated 0.

England are rubbish. How it is possible for every batsmen to get themselves out in new and shocking ways, is frankly beyond NWG.

Here is what batsmen are meant to do: score runs. Consistently. Avoid getting out.

Here is what English batsmen do: avoid scoring runs. It makes taking the field that little bit more interesting. Get out frequently to keep the West Indian crowd happy and satisfied. If there is an opportunity for a run out, purposely slow down, avoid grounding the bat, then look surprised when walking back in shame. Clever.


David said...

Yea NWG I really feel for you hey, England on the run up to the ashes aren't giving you much to praise them about and it must get a bit tedious bagging your own side over and over again. *hug*

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Thanks Oomby. Appreciate the cyber hug.

Anonymous said...

The batting was truly dreadful.

However, I'm steaming much more about the selection decisions - one in particular - Gareth Batty.

Just what on earth has Adil Rashid been brought to the Carribean for? To top up his tan?

I've seen Adil play 20/20 for Yorkshire and there's no way, if picked, he could have bowled or batted worse than Batty.

If the argument is that Batty played well on the A tour, why wasn't Rashid on the A tour, having a chance to prove himself, instead of carrying drinks for our talented batting line up?

I'm so angry I could spit.

As I said somewhere else, if this is the way of things under the Andy Flower regime it's time to stop that era before it starts.