Saturday, 7 March 2009

Second Chance? No Way.

Nightwatchgirl was quietly watching the cricket today, seeing Strauss score loads of runs, enjoying Collingwood getting another century, when it suddenly dawned on her.

Why is it batsmen get second chances and not bowlers?

Strauss has a (very) dry patch. So did Collingwood. So did Cook.

And they all either stayed in the team or were temporarily dropped.

Look at the bowlers:
Harmison - things don't look good for him right now.
Hoggard - dropped in New Zealand to seemingly never again return.

And then it really stops making sense.

Ryan Sidebottom - clearly out of form. Unfit. Moody. Petulant. But gets games.
Monty Panesar - not had the greatest winter and now is back in the side.

England: your selection is insane.

We need Hoggard back.


Anonymous said...

NWG, I agree with your thoughts on selection, but I do sense the winds of change with Strauss, who seems to be less tolerant of poor attitudes (Bell, Harmison) than previous regimes.

Not sure about Hoggard myself, his average was tailing off in 2006/7. I would make a case for Simon Jones, assuming he can stay injury free.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, after a year of my ranting, England finally got Monty a spin coach and maybe they are seeing signs of improvement. It's certainly not a seamer's wicket so far.

I would have been tempted to give Rashid a go - I don't see the point of him carrying water bottles for an entire tour - if he's not going to play, better to send him with the A side to get more overs in.

I used to be Harmison's biggest defender, but he's lamed out on me one too many times. Time to move on.

Sideshow Bob's continued inclusion when patently unfit is so bizarre I don't have words for it.

Hoggy needs to show a bit more for Yorkshire than he did at the tail end of the season. As you noted, what England really lack is a "havoc" bowler and Hoggy ain't it.

The $64,000 question - who is your nomination for havoc bowler?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been keeping an eye on the SA-Aus test match in Durban? Mitchell Johnson has come on leaps and bounds and was a real handful yesterday. Come the Ashes series England may well have more of a battle on than some people might think.

Although I did enjoy watching Dale Steyn work over Mike Hussey. Therein lies the problem - we don't really have a Steyn or Johnson. Or do we? It's a more interesting match than the one England are in at the moment.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG's nominates her havoc bowler to be....

Good question. Who can reak the havoc? Who can cause chaos?

Simon Jones has to be up there when free from injury. But if Hoggard can get himself back into gear, he can cause a bit of mischief when he wants to. But are England willing to take a chance?

Jamie - Mitchell Jonhson does seem to be causing a bit of a handful in South Africa, let's hope there's another tennis ball he can slip on before the summer....

David said...

What ever happened to Simon Jones? Did he fall off the face of the earth, push on his way by our Ricky?:P

Anonymous said...

@Oomby Dave

Injuries have pretty much scuppered Simon Jones career since 2005.

A move to Worcestershire and 42 1st-class wickets @ 18 last season have us all hoping he can make a comeback.

His pace and reverse swing are sorely missed, particularly in the currently "tests" (i.e. extended nets) in West Indies.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Simon Jones has made some positive moves back to full fitness. We just have to believe. If he was fit, NWG would grant him an access all areas pass to the England team.