Sunday, 1 March 2009

What Stands For H?





No, no, no and no.

H stands for humiliation. Humiliation is a 149 run lead. Humiliation is the West Indies making 749.

Nightwatchgirl is forced to see the funny side.

How funny was Ryan Sidebottom when he just stood there as the ball flew towards him, waiting to be caught?



Anonymous said...

H for " Hello !! We're still playing you know, even if you're not "..
I felt bad for the bowler who was trying his heart out.....
Strauss seemed furious as well, so I guess that's possibly Sidewinder's last test.

Anonymous said...

I see Harmless-son has said he wants to talk his future over with Andrew Strauss and find out what he needs to do to get back in the England team.

Well duh!!! He's a tall fast bowler. It's not rocket science. All he's got to do is bowl fast, take wickets and scare batsmen, and do that at international level. Mincing in and bowling crap is something anyone can do (I know a thing or two about that myself).

Bring back Hoggard! You know it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

How badly do we need a bowler who can take wickets on good pitches? Flintoff is our best bowler, and he doesn't exactly take hatfuls. We should forget about Harmison, he has had enough chances, and Sidebottom seems to have made himself almost unpickable. But who is there to take up the baton? That's the really worrying part...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Well the obvious answer is this Yorksire man who was dumped in a mean manner (akin to break-up by phone)and is now learning tapestry and how to make the perfect creme brulee.

Yes people.

It's Matthew Hoggard time.

Unknown said...

Dont forget most of these bowlers are reasonably effective on their home grounds. Given familiar conditions they can suddenly swing the ball. That is the only reason why I still give them a remote chance of challenging in the Ashes.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Yes Ben! A positive thinker. NWG likes. We need more of that, perhaps like a rain dance, it can be an Ashes dance...or something.