Sunday, 29 March 2009

What? What? What? Can It Be True?

Nightwatchgirl watched the game (well most of it, after ducking out for a bit to watch The Damned United - a very good film and then coming back to find she hadn't missed that much because of all the rain).

She saw Strauss hit the winning runs.

She saw the scorecard.

Yet she still can't believe.

England win by 9 wickets. How? What? Who?

Yes, Mr Duckworth and Mr Lewis helped out a bit with the rain. But England's batting performance was a world away from the last game. They actually looked like they knew what they were doing.


And it's officially summer time.



GoodCricketWicket said...

Could it be that the purpose of the England team is to make us bloggers and journalists look daft?

One minute they're awful, the next excellent.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

It certainly keeps things interesting, good thing NWG doesn't bet on any of these England games. She would be very poor.

Metatone said...

It was a very decent bowling performance (lest the batsmen get all the credit) and we do tend to look more comfortable chasing (so long as the score isn't mountainous...)

But yes, Strauss is reinventing himself and it's fantastic to see.

Amy said...

Strauss was great, but I don't know why nobody accepts my theory about the involvement of voodoo magic in this match.