Friday, 24 April 2009

Freddy Injured. Again.

Bloody IPL.

Bloody South Africa.

Bloody cricket.

Bloody knees. Possibly the worst joint in the human body.

It seems to abandon the English cricketer just when we all need it to function as it should.

Flintoff will now fly back to England to have a knee operation and be out for 3-5 weeks and definitely miss the West Indies series.

Please, oh cricketing god, don't abandon England in their summer of need.


Stani Army said...

Don't worry NWG. This could be a blessing in disguise. Freddy will be fresh for the Ashes! This is probably one of the less serious knee injuries you could have.

Footballers get this all the time. Keyhole surgery, cut off the loose meniscus (cartilage) and you're back within 3 weeks...and I think it will be closer to 3 weeks than 5. It's not that serious a injury.

Don't worry, Eng will not be abandoned in their summer of knee-d.

P.S, picking on knees is bad

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani Army, NWG likes the knee jokes, but she can't help shake this nasty feeling she has in her stomach about this summer....

Stani Army said...

May I suggest some Gripe Water for me and tastes nice too mmmmmmmmm

Joking aside, this Aussie machine is not the same thing. They have no top spinner or new ball bowler so runs should not be a problem for Eng. Just gotta take 20 wickets...simples

Hopefully a bowler from the Lions squad will step up. Will be interesting to see the spinner Eng pick. They should play Rashid against the Windies now to see if he can cut it.

What's your opinion of Grievous Bodily Harminson?

Anonymous said...

Jacob Oram has given an interesting interview on Cricinfo about how he feels that being an all-rounder is becoming unsustainable in the modern game. Given that I'm doing everything to try and sort my knackered elbow and this sore shoulder that won't go away by the book and things aren't improving much, I can see some aspects of what he's saying.

Fred is a big unit, a huge hunk of Lancastrian beef. With the effort he puts in there's going to be serious wear and tear, so I'm not surprised to hear of this new injury. I can only wish him a speedy recovery and an injury free summer.

On Gripe Water, they don't make it like they used to. It doesn't have alcohol in it any more. As a nipper I loved Woodward's Gripe Water. It had to be Woodward's as well. I was a very picky kid.

Well happy for Pakistan after their win in the first ODI against the Aussies. When Shahid Afridi took 6for I was beaming.

I've got that damn meerkat advert going round my head cos the little one loves to say "simples" :)

Harmlessone seems to be in the wickets at domestic level but I fear we have seen this before. Stick him in a test match situation and we may well see that whatever he had firing him up on that first morning at Lord's when he banged Langer and Ponting is missing now.

If he proves me wrong I'll be well happy.

Surrey haven't started the new season well. Who would have thought Derbyshire would beat them? Methinks naming them in my blog has put a curse on them...

Stani Army said...

It's right what you say about Flintoff Jamie. What compounds this though is the fact that there is always pressure on him to perform (break a partnership, score some runs) because everyone else is normally so ordinary. He, as a result, exerts himself further than he sould causing himself injury.

No Alcohol in Gripe Water is good for those, like myself, that are totally-tee. But I agree that there are many things that are not made like they used to be; Milky Bar, Robinson's orange squash, Hubba Bubba, human beings etc.

Thing with Harmison is he has all the attributes to be a good bowler except.....well he's thick isn't he.

You say you put a curse on Surrey by mentioning them on your blog; is it alright if I send you a list of things/people that I don't particularly like, and would you kindly mention them on your blog for me?

That would be lovely jubbly

Anonymous said...

I've played in Lancashire, only at small club level but by God do they take their cricket seriously. Talk about 100 per cent effort, these people strain every sinew.

This brings to mind a question. What I've seen at club level in Lancashire and the Black Country has been impressive, miles better than my mere efforts. If this country has such good talent, why the hell isn't it getting through to first class level?

I'm teetotal too these days, thanks to a nasty illness and hospital stay a few years ago. Had some beef Monster Munch recently, a favourite snack from my younger days. Boy did it take me back! My fair lady described it as vile, disgusting and words which you can't use in a blog such as this. But I loved it and yes, it tasted much better than many of the crisp snacks around today.

I've got Harmison and Langer's Ashes diary here in the study. I'm sure it is interesting reading and a useful insight into both players. Have you read it?

Send me your list and let's see if my curse holds true. I didn't write about Carl Froch in my blog and he won his fight last night. Had I wrote about it he would have lost in the early rounds...

Stani Army said...

Natural talent is always suppressed in this country Jamie. It's the same for any sport. In cricket, they have these old codgers as coaches who, as soon as they spot any talent, feel the need to change it and do things by the "book". Natural talent is not allowed to flourish. Just look at the talent that comes out of's all off the streets. Interestingly, this influence will increasingly come over into the english game with British born Asians such as the likes of Adil Rashid.

Monster Munch's not quite like it used to be either.

As for Froch, he speaks his mind doesn't he but I suppose he's walking the walk.....for the moment anyway.

First name on my list, and I'm sure NWG will agree, has to be Ryan Sidebottom. Mention him Jamie :o)

SixSixEight said...

Woodward's Gripe Water used to be Top Stuff. Monster Munch I used to like the yellow packet one.

Ankles are stupid things too - Mark Davies could have been part of a 20 wicket taking attack.

But he has gone lame!

Big Steve only likes bowling for Durham - he should be left there until the Ashes when pictures of Lumley Castle should be posted around Cardif, Lords, The Oval etc, punters should wear Sunderland and Newcastle shirts, and perhaps the odd Durham cricket jumper?

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

It's probably better that he gets this injury now. That way he can sit out the next series where he would have been 99% to get injured, but come back for the World T20 and possibly the Ashes if he can avoid getting injured during England's four games there.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about talent. I remember seeing a lad bowling off spin (as I did at the time). Don't think he was any more than 12.

I'm standing at mid on expecting the ball to come to me. I swear I could hear the ball fizzing through the air after he let it go. It hit the pitch and turned the other way. Batsman hadn't got a clue, lunged forward, groping for something that wasn't there. Nothing wrong with the lad's action either. His off spinner bit like a Rottweiler. Think he picked up four wickets that day.

The talent is there.

Has anyone else entered a team into Cricinfo's Fantasy Cricket for this year's county championship?

As an experiment in luck I have named in my blog all the players in my teams and let it be known that Ryan Sidebottom is in the frame for selection.

A bit miffed that Ali Brown isn't showing up on the players list. I thought he was at Notts now?

SixSixEight said...

I entered a couple of teams in the Cricinfo county championship thing.

They don't have Hughes at Middlesex either.