Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Great Exhibition?

The ECB have launched The Great Exhibition. What's that you say? The Great Exhibition? Some new museum inside Lord's?

That's a no.

The ECB have decided that it's not so exciting to say 'wow, there's a lot of cricket going on this summer, here's a list.' Instead it's far more thrilling to have a press conference, pictures of England captains and promises for fans that they can take part in all these tournaments and something called The Ashes (note: look up, this sounds interesting).

Cricket doesn't need this sort of spin. It works all on its own.

The only downside is that the ECB won't branch out into 'unknown areas'.

After the brilliant (?) Kiki and Sassy were launched on Cricket Australia's website with a blog, NWG and Miss Field thought that maybe the ECB could do something similar, only this time with expert, professional and hysterically funny bloggers who know what they're talking about (that's NWG and Miss Field by the way).

What did the ECB say? No thanks, and if we do something similar it will be in-house.