Thursday, 16 April 2009

Shane Warne is Cricket Counsellor

Shane Warne is much more than just a cricketer. He is now the team go-to guy. Homesick? Talk to Warney. Overwhelmed? Talk to Warney? Want a Magherita pizza? Talk to Warney.

He just loves his team mates.

He wants them "to go out there and play cricket as equals," (instead of odd numbers, that would be confusing) their team room "is decorated with an Indian feel [with] Indian food on the table and pictures on the wall." They've even been invited to an Indian restaurant for their team meal.

Well done Warney, for making South Africa a home away from home.


Stani Army said...

Clever....I even heard they're gonna rickshaw to the ground.

Knowing Warney, he's probably even bought some dew with him.

Stani Army said...

Is it Jones' cartilage (knee) you know?

Devastating bowler but I've always felt he was far too bulky and heavy.

Fast bowling is not an easy thing, trust me, I know (ahem). Carrying all that weight can't be a good thing. When you plant yourself at the crease after a long run up, all that weights going through the legs.

....although it did all start with that fielding accident he may be its his ligaments rather than cartilage.

Anonymous said...

Warnie just has that something. It's such a shame he didn't get to captain Australia. I'd love to meet the guy and just spend a few minutes with him over a drink.

Anyone remember the kids' tv show Moschops? Voiced by Bernard Cribbins it had a singing flower in it and an Icthyosaur who used to say "Hello Flower!" in a Welsh accent. I've been trying to get our lad to say that whenever Andy Flower appears on the television but he's got that bloody meerkat advert jingle on his mind at the moment.

I get the feeling that Simon Jones' body just isn't quite up to it in one or two small but vital areas and we may not see much more of him. I wish him well and hope I'm wrong.

My house is an IPL free zone. The commentary last year was so awful, so dire (Ramiz Raja being the worst offender of the lot) that my grandmother berated me for my expletives when encountering it. And she's not easily shocked, let me tell you. So we do not have Setanta Sports here.

The little one does like watching the pyjama cricket and signalling sixes. Hearing him say "Ooh! That's a few!" brings a smile to my face :)

Stani Army said...

I used to think highly of Warne too Jamie but his criticism and lack of respect for Murali is a stain on him.

As for Rambo Ramiz; there's being biased in commentary and there's being fair. Rambo goes beyond fair and is ready to bend down and kiss any rival backside within reaching distance.

No IPL in this house this season either.