Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Test Squad Announced. Gulp.

Well, who'd have thought it?

Matthew Hoggard left out. Again.

Steve Harmison. Out.

Michael Vaughan. Out.

Ian Bell. Out.

Owais Shah. Out.

This massacre of the England team could either be a stroke of brilliance, or will sign Flower's resignation papers before his first cheque has even had a chance to dry.

Graham Onions. In.

Tim Bresnan. In.

Ravi Bopara. In.

NWG feels especially sorry for Shah. NWG sees how hard he tries, yet Bopara, although reliable, seems to only get a good score when he's run someone out (normally a captain).

NWG has a bad feeling about this.


GoodCricketWicket said...

NWG should rejoice. 2005 has finally, eventually been consigned where it belongs - to history.

Even if the newcomers should fail, the statement made by Flower and the selectors is the right thing for the team moving forward.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG doesn't like change. Hopefully she'll get used to it.


Stani Army said...

Absolutely feel the same way as you on Shah NWG.

Players like Bell (in the past), Cook and Collingwood always seem to get more of a chance when they struggle. Soon as Shah has one average series (and it was not that bad) he's dropped.

He had to bloody wait most of his career to even get selected.

Regarding Hoggy, I sincerely feel for you.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

sob. Matthew sob hoggard sob could sob save sob England sob but sob they sob won't sob give sob him sob a sob chance.


Stani Army said...

Look on the bright side NWG, at least he won't be on long tours away from Sarah, his lovely wife. Woops, sorry.

Here, take this tissue

Anonymous said...

I'm narked cos Onions is in my fantasy team! Shah didn't help his case by going to the IPL and not actually playing. Had he stayed in England and scored a few 70s or 80s then his argument would have been stronger. Unlucky? When compared to the run Ian Bell got definitely. But is a different coach doing things his way. I hope Shah gets another chance and preferably some space to express himself. In the test series he looked tense and fidgety. Maybe he should have a chat with Ramps.

Recalling Bell after a couple of good knocks wouldn't be the right message for me. He needs to keep playing like that.

If Steve Harmlessone never plays for England again I won't shed a tear. I would like to see Matthew Hoggard back, if he can get some good form then he should be in with more of a look than Harmlessone.

Stani Army said...

I just read a article on cricinfo Jamie. Paul Collingwood also went to the IPL to play for delhi and didn't get a single game. He was still selected for Eng though. It is blatant preferential treatment, to put it mildly.