Sunday, 3 May 2009

Panic Over: KP Approves of Flower

NWG has hardly been able to sleep. For weeks now, she's been pacing the hall, unable to concentrate on anything.

Until today. When everything comes into focus.

Big man, KP, not only admits that Flower is "an absolute superstar," (after saying he was rubbish) but that he also has no power over his own thoughts (what does this say about him?).

KP said, simply: "I know I made comments about him when I was captain but it hasn't surprised me how my opinion has changed...sometimes people make comments they shouldn't do."


NWG is extremely concerned. If KP's opinions of himself can be changed so easily, how is he going to cope with the Australian's this summer?

What if Ricky Ponting tells KP that he really can't bat and KP believes him?

What if Mitchell Johnson tells him that he won't be able to stop him from bowling him?

These are troubling times, indeed.


Stani Army said...

No pun intended but KP is nuts.

Amy said...

What if someone tells KP his switch hitting is extraordinary and he begins attempting it at a rate unheard of before now?

What if this results in him repeatedly getting out? We will win the Ashes, that's what.

On the Ponting thing, Ricky would be more likely to tell KP he doesn't need to practise in the nets at all and that vitamins are the new miracle drugs of sport, thus leading to KP overdosing on vitamins and playing shoddily.

All in good spirit, of course.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Amy - maybe KP doesn't take enough vitamins and that's why he's the way he is.

KP if you're reading this: eat some oranges and maybe an apple or two.

Stani Army said...

No KP, keep drinking the Red Bull. Don't listen to these girls, they'll turn you into a'll start liking Flowers and stuff....O, that's happening already aint it...damn!

Need to get Samit on the case. Introduce KP to a few Doners

Anonymous said...

KP's changed his view on someone he didn't like. That's cool and credit to him for saying so. There have been a few people I didn't like and perhaps thought worthy of being awarded the Noble Order Of The Gareth (comes from Gareth Hunt, it's rhyming slang) and they have proven otherwise, to their credit and my good will.

Maybe KP's discovered real ale and is actually talking about Flowers the brewers?

I'm still quoting Moschops whenever I see Flower on television. My fair lady thinks I'm nuts.

Now I've got visions of Samit Patel bludgeoning his way through Doner Kebab Pot Noodles.... please no! Make it stop!!!