Friday, 15 May 2009

Rain Ain't So Bad

So no surprise that it's raining, we are in England after all. And yes, it's annoying. And yes, it's boring.


Sky sports, not wanting the viewers to be bored, keep the interest by showing the old games (who would have thought that this could be interesting?). At this moment, a Test game from 2000 is being shown between England and the West Indies. Far more interesting than watching it rain (England are/were being thrashed). And the old characters.

Darren Gough - woo.
Andrew Caddick - NWG had forgotten those ears.
Mark Ramprakash - oh how he failed at international level.
Curtley Ambrose - wow, he is frightening when he's fired up.

NWG bets that you don't get that in Australia (mainly because it never seems to rain).

This is way better than watching a draw take place.


Amy said...

In Australia, we're treated to a choice selection of KFC ads, Slats talking rubbish for a while, or other ads which just so happen to feature the entire commentary team in them.

It's amazing. Beats decade-old cricket.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Well, you say that, but if you could see Caddick's ears right now, you would be saying something completely different (something along the lines of: 'Are they real') And it also allows the commentators a break from Ashes talk, selection talk, player talk, future of cricket talk and, worst of all, what-it-was-like-in-my-day talk.

Unknown said...

no amy we would be treated to a selection of ten different ads featuring Symonds. i did appreciate them showing the highlights of day 1 batting. its good to see the matches from when the WI bowlers were tall and menacing, not like the little ewoks they have in their team now who look so adorable when they are talking trash to the batsmen.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG remembers when she was in Australia that there was a very exciting advert with Ricky Ponting advertising some kind of hair product. If that's what you have to deal with when it's raining, you have NWG's sympathies.

adverbin said...

If I were in your shoes, given the level of the current WI competitiveness, I would prefer the rain to continue so as to watch the old WI.

Anonymous said...

I love watching old cricket match footage. Watched the 1992 World Cup final recently and was stunned to see a young and thin Inzy. Much more chip that potato (so to speak).

Seeing stuff from around then (like Goochie's amazing 1990 summer) which I can remember so clearly is great and then I realise it's nearly 20 years ago....