Thursday, 14 May 2009

Unease In The Ranks

Chris Gayle doesn't like criticism.

Poor Andrew Strauss simply stated that no one from the England side would be able to swan in with two days notice to start a Test, and Gayle has gone all defensive.

Hit a sore spot?

If Gayle hates Test cricket so much, why make him play? Leave him to the IPL, the Stanford matches (though probably will never happen again) and the Twenty20 World Cup.

Fine by England. Wonder what his team mates think.....


Stani Army said...

We gotta be careful here NWG. We musn't blame Gayle or Levi Strauss too much. Most of the s**t stirring was done by SkySports news.

They asked Levi Strauss whether England would have prepared for a Test like that and he gave a honest answer without memtioning Gayle. The same reporter then goes to Gayle and says Strauss said such and such about you when in fact he didn't.

Gayle, just like his batting, didn't hold back and went into one over Strauss. Now, if you keep in mind his previous war of words with KP regarding Chanderpaul and the fact that Gayle was already being criticised by many for turning up so late, then you can understand Gayle's reaction. But yes, he could have said to the reporter that he'll speak to Strauss first to see if that was really what Strauss had said. Next time, Gayle should throw some caution to the wind (no pun intended).

Now as for his feelings about Test cricket, he should have kept them to himself. Of course, he has a right to feel that way about Tests but I do think that the money in PlentyPlenty cricket has turned his head. He will be proved wromg of course.

As for SkySports news (cousin of The Sun newspaper), they have a history of s**t stirring and sexing things up, in particular, their reporter Adam Leventhal. When Bob Woolmer passed away, this piece of scum stirred untold rubbish about the Pakistan players.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - NWG appreciates your starring efforts. What remains, however, is that you can't role up to a Test match with two days preparation and think that's ok.

Three would have been fine....

Stani Army said...

Thanks NWG.

Nooo, of course thats not ok....I didn't say it was did I? Even by laid back West Indian standards that's not ok. But it shows Gayle's priorities. I meant he had a right to feel that he values the shorter form more than Tests.

adverbin said...

What do his teammates think? Given their lackadaisical approach (poor Fidel), they probably envy his options.

Anonymous said...

thank you