Thursday, 4 June 2009

Andrew Andrew Andrew (tut tut)

Oh dear.

NWG has been struggling to write this post as her heart has been bleeding non-stop (turns out plasters aren't really suitable for serious blood loss).

Andrew Symonds has been sent home (most likely in the designated naughty seat on the plane - NWG thinks that must be at the back, near the toilets) for more bad behaviour (this time though, it was the 'last straw').

No Twenty20 for him. No Ashes for him. Most likely, no more cricket for him for Australia. Ever again.

NWG has been in a car all day driving here, there and everywhere and this has provided her with plenty of time to think what it was Symonds could have done (as no one is yet to say - imagination is a curse).

Possibilities include:

Stealing a barge and fishing on the Thames whilst a bit....happy.

Driving to Birmingham to repent his sins for deciding to play for Australia and not England....whilst a bit happy.

Paying to have his fishing boat flown over from Oz on the Cricket Australia credit card....whilst a bit happy.

Telling Ricky Ponting that he wishes Glen McGrath was still in the team because he doesn't like any of the other players (especially Pup for his youthful good looks)....whilst a bit happy.

Continuously rolling cricket balls at Mitchell Johnson's feet for three straight hours....whilst a bit happy.

Going out in London with Shane Warne. That's it.

Which one could it be?

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Anonymous said...

Symonds' talent as a cricketer isn't in question. His personal judgement is flawed and he's unreliable. I'm not surprised that this has happened and I hope it is the end of his international career.

When he said "I'm in a position of responsibility and I can't live irresponsibly. I've realised that." he obviously can't handle the professional commitment needed.

Ricky Ponting was impressive in his press conference saying that "a profesional team doesn't need curfews" and talking about respect. Punter has risen in my estimation as a person (love or hate him he's a great player) from that.