Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Extra Time

Some say that England's exit from the Twenty20 gives them more time to concentrate on some piddly little tests coming up.

Some say that this will give England time to get their plans into action.

Some say it's a blessing in disguise.

Some say England were never going to do that well anyway.

Well. NWG is feeling very pessimistic today.

England needed to do better. England require momentum.

NWG feels that England are in some kind of traffic jam at the moment.


Rob said...

Some say finding positives in defeat is just a delusion. Something England are quite good at. I was pleased to see that Flower came up with the standard England response to bad results: "This has been a learning process". NO!!!! You are highly paid international cricketers, you should know what you are doing already.

Anonymous said...

NWG is quite right England are in a traffic jam and it's difficult to know when the freeway's going to clear.
Rob has hit the nail on the head. With perhaps 2 or 3 exceptions these guys are just not up to the task and to call themselves professional is demeaning to true professionals.
+ i have to get up at 4.30 am just to listen to the matches on the internet courtesy of but at US$9.95 for all 27 games I can't complain too much, can I ?


Unknown said...

Actually if you listen to the commentators after the tests with WI they said England look great and have good chance of winning the ashes. Anderson and Broad are a lethal new ball combo, Swann will obfuscate an Aussie lineup that cant play spin, Strauss is a brilliant, common sense captain and thats not even with Flintoff in the team. All they need is a speech from Churchill and victory is at hand.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben - a speech from Churchill would be great right around now. Can anyone organise that please?

Rob -They should know what they're doing. It's pretty disturbing that professional sportsmen haven't grasped how to play the game. Extremely worrying.

Douglas - that's dedication. But at $10 for all the games, that's a whole lot cheaper than a bbc license and sky subscription.

kamrul hasan said...

Despite being host team, England could not use the benefit of home crowd. This team has been eliminated from Super Eight round. However, I think they are far better than India because they could manage only one victory in the second round. I think England’s elimination will not decrease its popularity. I hope England players and coach will take some lesion from this defeat. If they can find out their lack and practice hard then it will help them to play well for the upcoming scheduled games.

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