Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Facebook Is Everywhere

NWG has been a little bit naughty and hacked in to her favourite (and least favourite) cricketer's facebook profiles.

Oh the hours of fun.

She will provide you with her highlights:

Michael Vaughan's page:

Message to Ian Botham: Any chance of earning some pocket money this summer?

Shane Warne's page:

Status update: Shane Warne is enjoying the weather in England. He tans like a leather shoe.

Paul Collingwood's page:

Status update: Paul Collingwood is flying to Paris in his helicopter to have laser work done on his freckles.

Shane Watson's page:

Shane Watson to Andrew Flintoff: Ah look. Can I come with you to your next Pilates class please?

Brad Haddin's page:

Brad Haddin to Adam Gilchrist: Ah look. Can we run over what a stumping is again? I've bloody well forgotten it.

Steve Harmison's page:

Steve Harmison to Andy Flower: I've finally figured it out. Aim for the wicket keeper and not second slip. Please pick me.

Ryan Sidebottom's page:

Status update: Ryan has shaved his head to emulate the great bowlers of our time in their Ashes year. But no one recognises me.

Matthew Hoggard's page:

Status update: Matthew and Michael are off to television presenting school. Zzzzzz.

Stuart Broad's page:

Stuart Broad to Paul Collingwood: Can we run over how to throw balls at the stumps? I always seem to miss and I don't know why.

Gary Pratt's page:

Gary Pratt to Ricky Ponting: I'm twelfth man again. And I'm coming for you.

Michael Hussey's page:

Status update: Officially dropping Mr Cricket as my nickname. It's too much pressure and I sound boring.

NWG will keep looking for more.


Unknown said...

So it seems Vaughan only played for Yorkshire this season to get into the England team? How shallow, does he not get incredible satisfaction from representing Yorkshire?

Good idea by the Hussey. Mr Cricket is one of the most ridiculous nickname in sports.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Mr Cricket is obviously one of the worst names NWG has ever heard.

A prize will go to whoever can think of another that is equally as bad.

Anonymous said...

Dear NWG, You may already have read this but there is a wonderful tribute to MV written by you hero Hoggy. I may be in the majority of one but I feel that MV was as great a tactician and motivator as there ever was in test cricket.
Here is the link NWG http://www.cricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/410909.html
douglas [ an american who loves cricket and travels the world watching it ]

LongOff said...

Maybe not equally as bad as nicknames but I am the only one who thinks the English team aren't very imaginative when it comes to nicknames? Watching the world cup on Sky, the English player intro's were particularly humourous when they gave their nickname. Paul Collingwood's especially. And without fail each time his one was played the commentator afterwards would crack the line 'And I wonder how he got that?'

And on that sidenote-anyone else find the player intro's a waste of airtime? The players just looked uncomfortable and always had that look that they thought the whole thing was bloody stupid.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Couldnt think of any bad nicknames, so had to look it up to refresh the memory.

Michael Pup Clarke

Shane Watto Watson

Damien Marto Martyn

Michael Hussey - Brazen
(Self explanatory, Brazen Hussey. His brother David is Shameless)

Binga Lee - Brett Lee (Bing Lee is a big electrical goods retailer in Sydney)

Ricky Ponting - The Bourbon & Beefsteak
(A good nickname, a young Ricky got a black eye courtesy of an altercation in a Bourbon and Beefsteak restaurant in Kings Cross)


The Divine Ponytail - Roberto Baggio

Bull of the Bosphorus - Turkey's Hakan Sukur

God - Robbie Fowler (horrible nickname because Ian Rush was obviously a better forward)


The Big Fundamental - Tim Duncan

The Answer - Allen Iverson


The Swiss Miss - Martina Hingis

Tiger Tim - Tim Henman

Baltimore Bullet - Michael Phelps (his teammates call him Gomer, from 60s comedy show Gomer Pyle USMC, which actually fits because he looks like a country boy)