Friday, 12 June 2009

Hoggard Rules All

NWG's favourite cricketer of all time has had a great day with the ball.


Too old to bowl? NWG thinks not.

Oh yeah and NWG had a fun day at Lord's.

The Sri Lanka v Pakistan was good enough, but the India v West Indies game was a peach.

Bravo Bravo.

And, of course, it being Lord's, NWG had a little altercation with a very silly man who was having a cigarette away from his box. The conversation went something along these lines:

Stupid man: "It's nice to see a girl at the cricket. Who are you here with?"

NWG: "Well, I'm here because I bought the tickets."

Stupid man: "Oh, do you like cricket then?"

NWG: "Obviously. And I was at the cricket last weekend, and I'll be there tomorrow, the day after, the day after that and the final."

Stupid man: "Golly. I was invited because I work for ____"

NWG: "Golly indeed. Good for you, now go away."


Brat said...

Lol at silly man. This is my typical interaction with the few supporters at the Uni Oval though...

*Brat sits by herself*
Silly Person: So, which of the players is your boyfriend then?
Brat: Uhhhh... None of them.
Silly Person: Oh, um, right. Who are you here with then?
Brat: Just me.
Silly Person: You're by yourself? Why?
Brat: Because I like cricket...

And it gets worse from there.

Stani Army said...

Yeh I get that too....obviously.

What the bloody hell goes on at grounds these days? You shoulda just given me a shout NWG. I'm not big or ugly but I packapunch and woulda sorted him out for you.

As for Hoggy, it's a shame that Onions got 4, Harmison 4, Mahmood 5 and Flintoff 5....otherwise the old man may have had a chance. Even Samit got a career best 5-for. The Ashes effect NWG, the Ashes effect.