Friday, 19 June 2009

NWG's New Identity

NWG is off to the Oval (again) today. She feels that perhaps that because she's been so often that she should get 20% off all food and drink and a decent seat.

And she has thought long and hard and has made the important decision to support the West Indies.

Why you ask? Well, these are the reasons:

1. Because NWG has seen them more than any other team and save for the South Africa game, they have won every time. Clearly she is a good luck charm.
2. Her friend is West Indian, well technically she's French, ok, so it's complicated, and she will be at the cricket with them. It would seem rather churlish to support Sri Lanka to simply even out the numbers.
3. Because West Indies beat England it seems natural to want them to win the tournament and thereby making England's exit slightly more acceptable.
4. Because she wants to.
5. Because she wants to see another Chris Gayle- Australia performance. That is twenty20 batting at its best.
6. Because she's really tired and can't make any solid, educational reasons to support Sri Lanka right now; West Indies seems like the easier option.

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Rob said...

Now you know how tough it can be to support the West Indies...