Saturday, 6 June 2009

Oh Stuart

And so it begins.

NWG could have coped with losing to Pakistan on Sunday. She could have coped with losing to any other team in the world, but the Netherlands?



Well, to answer why - it's because England were rubbish. They scored a good number of runs, a total that should have been defendable.

And to answer how - well, pretty easy on that one. Ineffective bowlers. Bad fielding.

This does not bode well. NWG was all excited about this tournament; not that England could or would win, but that they would at least make an effort.

Complacency is the devil.

KP should have been playing.

Ryan should not have.

And NWG orders Stuart Broad straight to fielding practice and to learn the right and wrong times to aim at the stumps. She remembers the last time England lost on overthrows (against NZ, this time Swann was to blame).

Let this never happen again.



Stani Army said...

Pakistan to knock England out. Lovely jubbly.

I did warn you of your earlier excitement was only because I cared.

Stani Army said...

....and Ashes prediction: 0-3

Sorry. Just looking out for you again.

Unknown said...

serve them right for not picking Hoggard

Anonymous said...

20 20 isn't really cricket. It's sloggit.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben - NWG is in total agreement.

Stani - That's a fair enough assessment.

Hopefully tomorrow, England will turn up and remember how to play.

Anonymous said...

For once I have to disagree. It wasn't just the bowling and fielding - England's total was nowhere near enough, especially after racing to 100-0 in the 11th over. From there, any decent 20-20 side should be aiming for 195 at least. 180 would have been acceptable. 160-ish was pathetic.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Anonymous - you're right. NWG just didn't want to make England feel really bad by listing all of the many reasons why they lost.

She was trying to be kind. Sort of.