Friday, 17 July 2009

Ashes Day 2


NWG is one happy England fan right now. Anderson, Flintoff and Broad have all stepped up this afternoon and it makes English weather seem not so bad. 156-8. NWG keeps saying it over and over and it still doesn't seem real.

Though there is one thing that NWG doesn't quite understand. How is it, when both teams agree to play under lights, that when the lights actually come on, the batsmen are offered the light because of the shadows?

This seems wrong.

But also slightly right, as NWG has tickets for tomorrow. She hopes Strauss will enforce the follow-on and England have a repeat of today.

Well, what a start to the day.

Wickets, wickets, and more wickets.

NWG feels slightly sad for Ricky, given that he wasn't out.

England are doing brilliantly. Runs at the end of their innings and early wickets.

James Anderson - you rule all.


(one of those statements isn't true. Guess which one it is.)


D Charlton said...

Ricky was out - just LBW. Hope you are not in any ass-pinching danger today...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG will take what she can get on the Ricky front. On the arse pinching debacle, yes, NWG is safe today. But she's back at Lord's tomorrow....

Unknown said...

haha.. 3rd person to the death!! MPV. Gone, but not without incident.