Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Draw Of The Century

Against all the odds, England have managed to cling to a draw today.

And no, it's not a win, but yes, it certainly does feel like it.

Nothing better than seeing sad Australians and happy English (and Welsh) men.

England go to Lord's still at 0-0, and they can consider themselves lucky to have escaped.

Long live James Anderson and Monty Panesar.

NWG forgives all.


Unknown said...

took till the fifth day for some of them to start playing ashes cricket. didnt take long for the experts to start criticising the top order

The Nightwatchgirl said...

It never takes long for these things Ben. Just you wait for Monty's Knighthood.

D Charlton said...

Monty's reward for saving the game will be getting dropped. It happened to Robert Croft in 1998 when he'd saved the game against South Africa at Old Trafford.

That's what happens in cricket - team has bad game, bowlers get axed.