Monday, 6 July 2009

Falsehoods During The Ashes

That Michael Jackson will be opening the bowling for England. Or Australia. As a hologram.

That Australia will win 5-0.

That if England win, each player will get a knighthood.

That it will be sunny for every day that cricket is played.

That Shane Warne will be a good commentator.

That Steve Harmison will get a hat-trick.

That Mitchell Johnson will slip on a cricket ball and sprain his ankle.

That NWG will not watch any cricket because she's simply too worried.

That there won't be any beer drunk at any games.

That Ricky Ponting and Harry Potter have something in common. Just like Harry's scar starts to hurt when Voldemort is near, so Ponting's scar starts to ache when he sees Steve Harmison.


Anonymous said...

lol @ Strike bowler MJ.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

This is the trouble with being anonymous. Are you THE anonymous or another anonymous.

Too confusing...