Thursday, 2 July 2009

Harmison And His Big Mouth

Cricket is being played. Runs are being scored.

Exactly a week today, the Ashes will have begun.

NWG has cleared her schedule. She has some tickets for Lord's (only two days, though), she has tickets for the Oval. And she has planned her holiday around the break between Tests so she doesn't miss anything.


But let's not forget that there is cricket being played today. England and Australia are having their warm-up games.

And it's pretty interesting.

Harmison did pretty well yesterday with the ball. But not as well as he did with his mouth.

"They are not as brash and as confident as they normally are." He said, whilst aiming the ball for the other side of Ricky's face.

Hmmm. NWG isn't sure what to think of this statement. Is he stirring or sending a message to Andy Flower that he needs to be recalled?

England Lions are currently 64-0 after Australia managed 358.

England have Warwickshire at 92-8. But KP managed only 1, but then so did Ponting.

Things seem pretty even to NWG.

For now.


Anonymous said...

Harmlessone has bowled one and a half decent spells in a match against the Aussies that isn't a test match. This is the guy who admitted he was scared to play international cricket. This is the guy who's had plenty of chances to prove his head is right for international cricket and who hasn't shone since that horrible series down under.

Mikey Holding says he likes a gamble and Harmelssone might be worth a bet. I'm not so sure. There's a nagging feeling in my gut (which isn't the Quorn from last night) about him that says "move on" and that his walk won't match his talk.

As ever, I'll be happy to be proved wrong.

Brett Lee's spell this afternoon was nice. Ian Bell didn't know much about the first ball he faced which thudded into his front pad a la Graham Gooch circa 1989 and sent the forefingers of everyone watching at home up.

Can't feel any kind of result prediction coming on. Aside from saying "Time for chicken kiev" my gut feeling is that Mitchell Johnson will be a huge player for the Aussies, Alastair Cook will be for England. Shane Watson will be crocked and crocked and crocked until he's sent home.

Unknown said...

Why do you think Alastair Cook will be 'a huge player' for England? Because he made runs against WI? I think he scores too slowly and against tight, accurate bowling he might struggle to score. There is some optimism around the England batting lineup at the moment, but as we all know, it only takes one session for England fans to turn on their team.

Likewise, one good innings and the media is suddenly all over Brett Lee again. What an absolute load of crap. He is still a good bowler (how many current fast bowlers have 300 wickets?), who didnt become rubbish because of his injury, and who didnt suddenly become a great bowler again just because of that 5 wicket haul. All that media criticism that he cant swing the ball is absolute BS.

For you to say Harmlessone has bowled one and a half decent spells makes me wonder whether you have noticed anything of what he has done this season. He is back to bowling well at county level. He looks a completely different creature on English pitches. It will be a long series and I would be surprised if he is not called up at some point. The other potential bowlers do not have his experience or his awkward length.

Anonymous said...

It's a gut feeling about Alastair Cook. If course it could just be gas...

I haven't missed what SH has been doing in county cricket. Quite how Australia have picked an opening batsman who appears to be so suspect to the short ball is something that surprises me a lot. But there is a difference in intensity between a county game, a tour match and test matches.

SH may be a bowling equivalent of Graeme Hick or Mark Ramprakash - some good times at test level but ultimately didn't have the right stuff in the head department to do it consistently.

I'm always happy to be proved wrong, especially if it comes in the form of seriously hot performances. From England rather than the Aussies :) And I am always happy to say "Well played, you've proved me wrong"

I like what I've seen of Rashid with the bat so far. Haven't seen enough of him with the ball to compare his bowling to Panesar though. Rashid to play as second spinner at Cardiff?

How many of us will be getting grief from our partners now the Ashes stuff is starting? I got an "Oh no! It's on all summer!" the other night.

I cried with happiness when Rudi Koertzen and Billy Bowden took off the bails at The Oval in 2005 to confirm England's victory. And I don't mind admitting that.

If this series is half as good as 2005 it will be enjoyable.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG was at the Oval on the last day of the Ashes in 2005. It was a bizarre sense of happiness that she has yet to feel again. To repeat that performance this summer would not only be immense. It would literally blow NWG's mind.