Monday, 17 August 2009

England, The Weather And Just about Everything

It's Monday. Actually, it's basically Tuesday now, so that little bit closer to The Day Of Reckoning.

NWG has been studying the weather patterns (she's actually a weathergirl, you can see her on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning), isobars, currents, climate change, precipitation levels, the Gulf Stream, what the weather was like this week last year, what the weather was like this week ten years ago, what the weather was like this week a hundred years ago. And....

She's no clearer on the weather.

The BBC is predicting that there will be a rain shower on Thursday (NWG will bring an umbrella), but good weather for Friday. What about Saturday, Sunday and Monday, huh BBC? What about those important days?

NWG remembers from her A-level history class that during the Cold War, Russia (the Soviet Union, whatever) had found that by pouring out a lot of powdered concrete from a plane on to clouds, you could make it rain. Will any such measures be used this week so the Oval Test match can be a complete game? If not, why?

It would be a crime against nature if this Test be a rain affected draw (well, a crime against something, anyway). Whatever the result, there must be a result.

Must. Must. Must.


Unknown said...

Paradoxically, if it does not rain, Australia will smash that shower within 4 days. Bell promoted back to 3? Are you freaking kidding me???? When I see selections like that, I just wish for the humiliation of the ECB and its selectors.

Anonymous said...

Bell will become a great player.

His selection shows integrity, courage and brains. Happily, the selectors have not jumped on the achingly tiresome anti-Bell bandwagon.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Anonymous - are you Australian? NWG finds it very hard distinguishing sarcasm through the written word. If not, you must be one of the very few Bell supporters.

Be proud.

Unknown said...

Bell has a supporters club, known as the Bellends. They have frosty highlights like their hero's hair.

Rob said...

Bell's mother posts as Anonymous (and Jackie

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Rob - all is explained.

Anonymous said...

I am not Australian, sarcastic or Bells' Mum.

I have been following cricket avidly for about 26 years.

I know a good player. Bell is a top drawer player. No mistake.

Just as NWG is the creme of south London writing talent