Friday, 21 August 2009

The Greatest Day Since....Well....Ever

NWG is still in shock. Today was a day unlike any other.

What started out to be a bit of a moderate day of Test cricket turned in to the greatest session of English cricket NWG has ever seen.

It's official : Broad and Swann can bowl.

What's not official is how this game is going to go. Yes, England were amazing. But with the score hovering precariously with three wickets lost, tomorrow and Sunday will be just as nerve-wracking.

Can Broad repeat that performance? If not him, then who?

And on a lighter note, NWG bumped in to Jrod again. The Oval is a small world. And Peter Siddle is pretty good at taking everything the Barmy Army were yelling at him. Those that can take what the crowd throws are real men.

p.s. NWG made it on to Sky yesterday, apparently. So if you were watching, you would have seen her.


Stani Army said...

Ravi double century (ahem)

They're gonna cock it up Nigthmare and you know it. Ravi double century.

I did see you on Sky. Whatever diet that is, it's not working. Ravi double century

"Those that can take what the crowd throws are real men."

In India they throw bottles and burnt seats. Does this still apply?
Ravi double century

Rob said...

Were you in disguise? If not, how would we know it was you (or were you in full nightwatch gear, gloves, pads etc)

Stani Army said...

NMG, stick a tenner on the Aussies doing it. I'm not allowed to bet so I can't. You'll get good odds and will have something to cheer you up after England's defeat to a record 4th innings score.