Thursday, 20 August 2009


Not the start NWG was looking for.

Batting - poor. Some England player must stand up and get a century. Now down to Stuart Broad, Steve Harmison and James Anderson. Unlikely.

People meeting - excellent. NWG finally met Uncle JRod.

Overall - questionable.


Stani Army said...

"Some England player must stand up"

COOK! His name's Cook!

He's either hiding in the crease scared like yesterday's dismissal or his legs are at square leg and his bat is at point when playing a shot.

Can't blame him though...those bloody eyelashes.

D Charlton said...

Uncle J is questionable?

What does that mean?

I've always wondered what the leading Australia noise maker is like... Questionable sounds about right.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

D- NWG was not meaning that meeting JRod was questionable. That's her bad writing. She almost introduced herself by her real name. Can you imagine the carnage?

And yes, Stani, you're right. Cook failed. Miserably.

D Charlton said...

I thought your real name was NWG?
Now i am confused.

And i reckon i am one of the dots in the background of your Oval pics.


Anonymous said...

You should be much happier today NWG. I, however, am devastated and will start Saturday morning with a long rain dance!