Sunday, 23 August 2009

They've Only Gone And Done It

NWG has just returned from the Oval.

Frankly, she's in a state of shock. England just won. By a mile. With a day to spare.


And the best part about it, was that she was there. For every day. For every over. For every run. For every wicket.

Cricket is simply the best game in the whole entire world.

Go England.


Ashes awards to follow.


Rob said...

Go girl.

Stani Army said...

Shock? By a mile? (Bet it didn't seem a mile half way through the day)

O per-lease Nightmare. It's just a Test series. You haven't achieved anything really, think about it. In reality, it's just an opportunity for the English to get pissed. Plus, it wasn't like it was a 5-0 thrashing was it. Now when did that last happen and who to?

I am pleased for Levi Strauss though. He's a good guy and I believe should have been given the captaincy before Pietersen.

But why are they holding the urn aloft when it is not an official trophy? In fact, the urn which did not exist for some time whilst Eng and Aus first started playing Tests, has never been awarded to either nation.

And football is the best game in the world - SIMPLE

Rob said...

Don't listen to the nay-sayers and bad losers.

You can recant the story to all the little NWGs in years to come.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Thanks Rob. NWG appreciates your comments.

Stani, on the other hand, is clearly just very grumpy. If he had been at the ground yesterday he could have got rid of that bad mood.

Stani - get over it. England rule.

Leela said...

Congratulations NWG!

The Nightwatchgirl said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations NWG and you rfellow England supporters ... you deserved the win , having been dominant in 3 of the 5 matches. Well done to all the England team, but look out next time - we will wanting a whitewash!

Anonymous said...

That's embarrassing, apparently I can type.


The sentiment remains the same


Anonymous said...

oh god! that should be "can't type" - I will stop now and go lie down.

This is what losing the Ashes does to one!!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Sid- NWG appreciates the sentiment. Yes, the next Ashes in Australia will be a different story, but we're allowed to hang on to this summer for a bit anyway.

Stani Army said...

Referring to me Robert? Don't like using people's names? How obnoxious. I don't support Australia so I can't be a bad loser.

England rule? Rule what NMG?...and why did you avoid the questions in my first comment?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - who cares about 5-0?

2-1 does just fine.

Unknown said...

Very happy for the team. Enough of them stood up at the right moments. Broad and Swann ripping through the batting was one of the best bits of cricket I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, NWG - think about the next series when it comes about. Enjoy your moment.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Sid that is precisely why NWG is enjoying it now.

Go England.