Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fred The Freelance

What has this world come to when a player rejects a contract for their country?

A bad one is the answer.

Flintoff has made the unfortunate decision to not renew his England contract and will instead work on a freelance basis.

This means he can turn games down.

This is bad and spells disaster for England.

Flintoff - you may be lounging around the pool in Dubai, but you are wrong.

NWG is ashamed.

(no KP, you can't do the same. Sit back down.)


GoodCricketWicket said...

NWG, if I were in Flintoff's position, I would do exactly the same. Especially considering the state of my bank balance.

Cricket started out with mercenaries and shamateurs so it's not as if this is some doom-laden apocalyptic new world we're entering.

Stani Army said...


As I said on Stani Army, ECB are fools for giving him a contract in the first place.

The guys a drunken lout who has never realised the fortune of his position.

If you were in Flintoff's position, your bank balance wouldn't be like that!

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous that he was offered a contract in the first place - as I think we were pretty well all agreed - maybe he is leaving a place open for someone who deserves/needs a chance?

Perhaps he is a lovable rogue after all?

Anonymous said...

NWG According to Freddy's manager he rejected the contract for several reasons. Most importantly to be free to secure his financial future ! Hmmm Freddy earns about 2.5 million per annum and is worth about 18 million. Wish I had that problem..... then I'd play for England for free.... come to think of it, I'd play for my country anytime, anywhere, any sport for free.....

Anonymous said...

You make a good point, Douglas. It should be about the love of the game and ones country - not money. Some take that for granted, don't they?

I still hope this means a new opportunity for someone who has previously been ignored by the ECB.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

It's all about the money. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but Fred is officially greedy.


Still we've got Ryan.


GoodCricketWicket said...

Would he be more eager to sign up for England if they were actually winning from time to time?

Stani, my point exactly.

Anonymous said...

NWG Am I right in thinking that there seems to be this myth growing that Freddy was a cricketer in the mold of some of the greats? He certainly won a few matches for England and had his moments in the sun.
Whatever the reason it may be better he goes now and reaps his millions leaving the door open for a youngster to come through as Sidthegnomenator rightly suggests.