Friday, 11 September 2009

No Rest For The Wicked

Poor Jimmy. Poor Colly. They're all tired and worn out, what with all the playing cricket and everything.

But all this makes NWG wonder.

Who will be picked in their place?

NWG's vote is for Trott to fill in for Collingwood. But who should cover for Jimmy? It's pretty obvious that a 7-0 whitewash is not out of the question (care?), so England could be bold and try someone new.

But will they?

NWG's answer is probably no.

And the most obvious question is: how has Ryan managed to keep his place?


Anonymous said...

I am secretly in love with Colly (when he is not playing against Australia) but I agree he needs a rest. Trott should definitely get a chance in his place.

How about Colly's Durham colleague, Mr Mustard? Would you give him a chance?

Stani Army said...

Was that title referring to yourself nightmare? You're not that evil....just to me.

Why don't they be bold and pick an asian!? How about the best fast bowler in county cricket over the last few years? How about Kabir Ali?

Every time someone gets injured, (drum roll) Trott jus seems to walk in. (I thought of that all by myself)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Wow Stani - you're all grown up. Thinking on your own is the first stage.

Sid- NWG has nothing against Collingwood. He has had a long summer and needs to put his feet up. But she can't decide who should replace Anderson...

oh no wait.....

she can....

Matthew Hoggard.


Stani Army said...

Wrong! Don't go into child care Nightmare, you'd be awful. I told you she was evil everyone.

Matthew Hoggard should retire from all forms of cricket.

Stani Army said...

...and who wants to grow up when grown ups are like you?

Grown ups are boring anyway :op They get injured all the time and are scared of running on moist patches of grass. Children would never do that, they just get on with it.

I wish you the best of luck, grown up.

Paddy said...

Kabir Ali is injured and hasn't played a one-day game for his county since April, Stani. Although I agree he should have played more for England.

You and NWG need to stop living in the past with the players you advocate. England should replace Anderson with a young vibrant Essex player. What's Ronnie Irani doing these days?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Napier is a sensible option. NWG would consider that a good move.

Stani Army said...

Nick nack Paddy wack! Ronnie Iraqi, what a character hey?

I reckon we ask old Liz to pardon Chris Lewis and bring him back.

I thought Kabir was back since his contract wrangle. I agree with you (and Justin Langer) about Anderson. Saj Mahmood and Kabir Ali were never persisted with as much as this guy and the likes of Liam Flunkett. They're so boring.

"Napier is a sensible option. NWG would consider that a good move", We're talking cricket Nightmare, not marriage. Ok, go on then, I agree with you but he's gotta be given a chance, 2-3 ODIs are not enough.