Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oh Dear

Well, as NWG types this, England are going down the drain. Again.

Actually, again again again.

Is it just NWG that thinks that England left the building as soon as they picked up that little urn?

When will they return?

Or, more likely, are they all clones and the ECB are planning two identical looking sides; one that wins and one that loses?

And, is this or this this not to prevent illegal betting? (likely)

NWG is running out of ideas as to why England are so rubbish this series. The worrying answer might well be the simplest: because they just are.


GoodCricketWicket said...

England should be congratulated on their consistency. It takes a lot of hard work to lose every game in exactly the same way.

Stani Army said...

I think this England fan at the ground, however drunk he may have been, said it best when he chanted: "Engerrlernd, we're sh*t".

Beautifully put I say.

0-7 the Nightmare?

Stani Army said...

Nightmare, sit down cos I'm about to agree with you. Flintoff getting a contract? What the hell is going on? The guy cannot play, he is injured and will be for sometime but they're still lining his pockets?

The ECB are a joke. Their bloody contract awarding is worse than the PCB's. I'm surprised Vaughan didn't get one too.

Anonymous said...

Flintoff getting a contract is a joke and only underscores what people like Botham, David Lloyd and Ramprakash have been saying - that the ECB sticks with the same players regardless of form or fitness.

Do you think England's inability to compete in the one day game is an argument for reinstating the 50 over game in domestic competition?

P.S. the 4th ODI was the first one in which I could completely relax. The other 3, especially the first 2, were a little close at times. in #4 however, Strauss really was the only player to actually show up.

Anonymous said...

apart from brett lee, andrew strauss and a few australians, no-one really cares about this series. that's the truth.

both trott and bell should be picked ahead of morgan and shah.

WHAT is morgan doing in the team. obviously a player of limited talent. out. now.

batting in ned kellys helmet said...

Nightwatchgirl, don't you mean again again again again?

This whole 'we don't care about one day cricket, all we care about is the ashes' thing from the English is starting to wear a bit thin.

I find it hard to believe that Denly, Shah, Morgan, Wright, Rashid, Bresnan and Sidebottom are all thinking "its so fantastic that a bunch of other blokes won a tiny little trophy that it really doesn't matter if I get repeatedly humiliated on the world stage, in fact I'm loving it, make an international joke of me, cos we've, well them other blokes anyway, have got the ashes!"

The truth is they are trying their hardest and they are still getting hammered big time.

batting in ned kellys helmet said...

Actually, didn't Justin langer explain this? The English like to be comfortable.

England won the Ashes because Australia unexpectedly collapsed three times and the bowling unit, especially Johnson, unexpectedly failed to get it together. Unexpectedly. England played well, but in the end they basically lucked into it.

In 1994 Australia lucked into a series win against the West Indies in a simialr fashion. After that series they thought, well, we got lucky, but now we've got our foot on their throat and we ain't letting it up. And they dominated world cricket for the next 14 years.

England wins and they think, right, feelin' comfortable, time to ease up, who's for a trip to Ibeza?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Sid - NWG is glad that you can now relax. She has been so relaxed she only watched bits and pieces of the game.

Stani - 0-7 is highly likely. NWG is still in slight shock that you agree with her about something.

Batting in Ned Kelly's helmet - NWG is sure that those in the ODI team want to win and yes they will be disappointed. It's just she isn't. She can only cope with so much mental stress during a summer and she used it all up during the Ashes.

Goodcricketwicket - NWG is glad you found something to be positive about.

Paddy said...

I think England have struggled because NWG has stayed in her Test white (which is frankly more readable) rather than changing into her one-day background as she used to do. Did the red kit throw you NWG?

On the contracts thing, by giving Flintoff a contract the ECB have committed themselves to paying for his medical treatment, which is kind of them although surely Flintoff could pay for it himself. Presumably in return they would like him to do minimal time in the IPL next year in exchange for being fit for the World Twenty20. Hmm... we'll see.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG was taking your advice Paddy, as you said it was easier to read in Test version.

She was trying to be nice. Little did she know, she's cost England the ODI series.


Stani Army said...

Well don't get used to it Nightmare. Until you tell the world you hate Hoggard, I aint agreeing with you often.

You woulda said 0-4 was highly unlikely if I had suggested that after 4 games. Exactly! 0-7.