Saturday, 5 September 2009

Ryan's Big Chance

To be honest, NWG's heart isn't really in this ODI series. That being said, for the last half an hour of the game last night she was genuinely interested.

That was until Ryan rocked in to bat.

This was his chance, after all his moaning about not being included in the Ashes, to make a difference.

To win a game for England.

And what does he do with six to get off two balls?

Leaves one.

Hits a single.

And that, Ryan, is why you weren't in the England Test side.

Shame on you.


Stani Army said...

But surely that's argument for why he SHOULD be in the Test side and not in the others Nightmare?

The game was lost when they inexplicably sent in the Broad before a geniune all-rounder in Adil Rashid. Those few balls the Broad faced ended up costing Eng in the end.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - that is not true.

Ryan lost the game by hogging the strike from Rashid and thinking, wrongly, that he could win the game and be a hero. Yes, other batsmen made mistakes, but when Rashid could actually have done something about winning the game, Ryan stopped him.

He is rubbish.


Anonymous said...

NWG I don't disagree with you about RS, but surely, surely we shouldn't have to rely on tailenders to win matches. Ever !

Paddy said...

Yes, Ryan was wrong to leave the antipenultimate ball in the hope it would be a wide. A single would have left Rashid on strike needing to hit five off two balls. But to be fair to Ryan it was two streaky boundaries off him in the previous over - not that he knew much about either - that kept us in the game. It was all lost when Wright was run out and when Shah trod on his stumps, silly boy. Well done Rashid, though.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Douglas - NWG agrees with you. The batsmen should be making the runs, but every now and then (read all the time) those lower order batsmen need to know how to bat. Ryan is still rubbish.

Paddy - Rashid did do well. NWG isn't sure why he was dropped for today's game.

Anonymous said...

I thought Strauss had found a tramp behind Lords, shoved a kit on him and handed him a cricket ball ... then I realised it was Sidebottom ...

I did bite my nails a bit on Friday night, though, I must admit!