Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Strauss For King

NWG is very pleased that Andrew Strauss has made it into the final shortlist for ICC cricketer of the year.

Here are the reasons why he should win it:

1. He won the Ashes (rare).
2. He was the only batsman (for a while anyway) who knew how to score centuries.
3. He is the only batsman in the England side that keeps his head when all around him lose theirs.
4. Mitchell Johnson shouldn't get it because he forgot how to bowl. That's not impressive.
5. Mahendra Dhoni has plenty of time to win it because he's still young.
6. Gautam Gambhir can win Test player of the year. Don't be greedy.


Stani Army said...

What about the fact that he's a real flippin nice chap? Eh Nightmare? You woulda mentioned something like that if Hog got nominated...not that will ever happen now.

Anonymous said...

I have written on this on my own blog LOL: http://thoughtsfromthedustbin.blogspot.com/2009/09/shortlist.html

Sorry, but Gamnhir should win it; Johnson has no chance, can't believe he has even been shortlisted; Dhoni - I don't think he is quite there yet; I won't write what I think of Strauss ...

P.S. Hilfy for emerging player!!

Anonymous said...

Gamnhir has a chance, but I think Gambhir will get it.

I should use the preview button, huh?

Stani Army said...

You and Strauss go back a long way? Painful eh? No worries, I wont ask what you think of him now.

Agree with you about Gamnhir although he may be more suited to the emerging cricketer category.

As for Gambhir, he has one of those faces you just wanna punch....just like Swanny.

Anonymous said...

I think Strauss has one of those faces!

So does Sidebottom.

And Ponting for that matter ...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Strauss does not have a face you want to punch.

Ryan on the other hand...

Stani Army said...

I'm not gonna agree with you twice in a week Nightmare, you might start liking me.

Strauss is on the list i'm afraid.

How about Harbhajan, Vettori, Broad and Yuvraj anyone?

Anonymous said...

Vettori is high on the list!

But still below Strauss.