Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Twenty20 Take II

Let's see if this one can be completed.

The English weather gods have obviously gone on holiday after their impressive performance during the Oval Test. It must have really taken it out of them.

Yesterday - great weather.

Today - cloudy, bit rainy and windy.

Potential weather for Manchester? Doubtful.

Still, England at least have Mr. Positive for a captain. Collingwood will never say a bad word about his team mates.

About Joe Denly being out for a duck:

What should have been said: "Don't play ridiculous shots that are doomed to fail. Idiot."
What Collingwood actually said: "I'm glad he's got the belief and confidence to go for a shot like that."

Mr Positive - NWG thinks you have a lot of work to do.


Stani Army said...

I bet Cauliflower wouldn't have said the same thing about Rav's shot init Nightmare?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

He was probably trying to make Denly feel better. Ravi is used to getting low scores by now...

Stani Army said...

...he's probably copying his mate Cooky although, admittedly, Rav has some way to go to match Cooky's crumble-ability.

Cauliflower should tell Denly to get into the Test side and make three centuries in a row. That'll make him feel better. Shamon N'ers!