Monday, 14 September 2009

Wright Attacked

You know when the world's against you when even machinery starts attacking the England side.

Yes, you've guessed it.

Luke Wright has been injured (on purpose) by a bowling machine.

Bowling Wall-e aimed the ball directly at Luke's toe.

And hurt it.

So he might be out for the next game which England stood a good chance of, NWG means losing.

This conclusively proves that England have had some kind of voodoo performed on them, possibly by Justin Langer after his dossier failed for the Test series.


Stani Army said...

Nightmare, I didn't guess it, you're wrong.

How can a bowling machine injure him on purpose? Are these advance humanoid bowling machines other countries don't know of?

It's not voodoo, it Ace again. Look at his eyes, he's a serial killer. Crazy, nuts, bonkers, radio-rental.

batting in ned kellys helmet said...

NWG, I would suggest that the bowling machine was set to bowl fast and full so that the side could practice against what Lee was bowling. Brett Lee took out Wright before he even got on the paddock. Can you lose a seven-match series eight-nil?

Anonymous said...

That is a shame for England - Luke Wright has been in good form, I think. Will he be out for long, do you know?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ned Kelly's Helmet - you are probably right, but even so, bowling machines aren't meant to injure.

Sid- looks like Luke will be out for the rest of the series. Stitches in toes would be really painful.

Stani - machines can injure. They can also be programmed to be mean. Fact.

Anonymous said...

And, not that I care - but aren't there better options to replace him than Mascarenhas?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the same people who set off the fire alarm at a Leeds hotel were involved in this ...

If he has stitches in his toe, why are they "asessing his fitness" for today? Is that just something they say now?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

The ECB are under the misapprehension that by saying that they are assessing Luke's fitness they are putting the fear of god in to the Aussies. This will disrupt the Australian's preparation with all the thinking about his terrifying bowling and his amazing batting.

Aren't they clever?


On the subject of who to replace him, NWG's suggestion is Trott, but they never listen to her. Mascaranhas has his moments of brilliance, but recently they have abandoned him. If he's picked, NWG hopes he will remember how to hit sixes and then tell the rest of the England team.

Anonymous said...

I totally hold my hands up on Mascarenhas - he was actually pretty good last night. He was used up too early though and when he was really needed (at the end), he had no overs left.

Also, I'm not getting past that earring any time soon.