Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Competition To End All Competitions

So NWG doesn't have much to do these days, what with all the international cricket having a little break, so to amuse herself she decided to do a little experiment.

Who is the most popular cricketer (decided by the almighty google)?

Andrew Strauss: 1.28 million hits.
Andrew Fintoff: 984,000.
Kevin Pietersen: 1.03 million.
Brett Lee: 6.23 million.
Ricky Ponting: 1.85 million.
Matthew Hoggard: 506,000.
Mahendra singh dhoni: 1.2 million.
Shane Warne: 772,000.
Graeme Smith: 1.26 million.
Daniel Vettori: 1.23 million.

And there it is. Conclusive proof that Brett Lee is, in fact, the most popular cricketer in the world (well, as far as NWG could be bothered).

Who knew?

NWG is bored....


GoodCricketWicket said...

Does NWG not have Eurosport?

Anonymous said...

Did you look try Sachin Tendulkar? 2 million.

Anonymous said...

Hello NWG, How does Brett Lee have so many hits? I'm sure his music doesn't get him any.

Anonymous said...

Okay I have something terrible to break to you. Matthew Hayden has more than 30 million hits. How many Matthew Haydens are there?

Rob said...

Ryan Sidebottom has 40 million hits. Or is that nits?

Stani Army said...'s probably people misspelling 'Bruce Lee'.

Hoggard? I wonder how much of that 506,000 was you Nightmare?

Anonymous said...

Google is messed up, they just removed 37 mill off Hayden's hits.

Watch out Google, the big man's going to come down on you hard.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG has just realised Mitchell Johnson has 12.3 million hits. This is most likely due to the fact there is (obviously) a well known painter with the same name and an american football player.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

And Kissmycricket - NWG has no clues about Brett Lee. It must be his fluffy hair style.

Anonymous said...

Are you not watching my Blues kicking arse in the CLT20?

NWG, I am just relieved that both Ponting abd Lee have more hits that Strauss - although I am a bit surprised that Ponting has!

As for Brett Lee ... there are a tonne of photos of him online with his shirt off and he looks fine. That will explain it, I reckon.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Sid - NWG wasn't aware you owned a cricket team. How impressive.

Anonymous said...

Well, I adopted them for this tournament for two reasons: west australia is not in the competition; they have Nathan Hauritz and; Simon Katich is a west aussie and that's close enough for me.

I was not well brought up - when I am bored with my cricket team I will stop feeding it; throw it into the street and get a new one.

Maybe Lancashire if they have Hoggard ...