Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cricket Trumps: Ryan Vs Matthew


Height: insignificant.
Weight: podgy.
Age: irrelevant.
Skill: debatable. Supposedly a bowler.
Best known for: shouting at fielders. Looking moody. Having ridiculous hair. Being dropped from the England team.

Height: perfect in every way.
Weight: Just the right amount.
Age: Erm. Thirtyish.
Skill: bowler. Excellent.
Best known for: great hair, calm demeanor, having a son called Ernie, being unceremoniously dropped by England and then sacked by Yorkshire. So very wrong.

Who wins?

Well this may come as a huge surprise to all, but NWG thinks that Matthew has just tipped this one.


Unknown said...

I cant agree more. Hoggard is so much better than Sideshow Siders. They keep selecting bowlers who are alright in perfect English conditions, but are useless overseas when its not swinging, eg Harmy, Anderson, Sideshow. Hoggard was easily the best bowler when they went to S. Africa.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG knew you and her could be friends