Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Yorkshire Have No Soul

The row escalates between Matthew and Yorkshire.

NWG firmly believes Yorkshire are being thoroughly mean. They try and spread rumours of him wanting more money (lies).

We are talking about Matthew Hoggard here. He is not grasping.

This is the conversation between Matthew and and Yorkshire:

MH: "eh up, when do we start winter training then?"
Y: "well, Matthew, despite you being our leading wicket taker, we are sacking you."
MH: "oh. Shall I make a cup of tea and we can discuss this?"
Y: "no. Please leave."

See? Yorkshire are horrible.

Proof if need be.


Unknown said...

and he didnt even write a book about them, yet.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG is already writing the unauthorised version

Stani Army said...

Where's the bit about him rejecting a contract? A very good contract I might add.

He obviously didn't do it for the money hey?

Love is blind Nightmare.

Sreehari said...


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Anonymous said...

Since you are adamant that he has no Aussie relatives, can I reach a compromise with you and ask my county side (Lancashire) to sign him?

We'll rub his feet every night if he comes ...