Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Matthew Has A Home

A Hoggard is for life, not just for Christmas, Leicestershire.

They've taken him in from the cold. He was all hungry and thin. And now he's captain (that's not meant to rhyme).

And now there is happiness.

What a Christmas present for the Hoggard family and NWG. She can rest easy now, despite not being able to talk because she has laryngitis. Her friends are very happy because she's never been so quiet.

She would shout for joy for Matthew, but that's impossible for her. Only a little squeak. But that's ok, it's the sentiment that counts.


Stani Army said...

It's a shame laryngitis doesn't affect fingers hey Nightmare? Woulda stopped you writing this post.

(She knows I'm joking but this won't stop her accusing me of being horrible to her. She just doesn't see the kindness behind my cruelty)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG knows you mean well. There, you weren't expecting that were you?

Stani Army said...

My work here is done. Nightmare has been cured. At last my reverse psychology has worked.

She likes me everyone! [Drops dead]

Rob said...

Are you feeling better NWG?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Thanks Rob. NWG is still a bit squeaky.

Anonymous said...

I heard Hoggy on the radio after the T20 in Safferland today - he doesn't sound like the most confident or exciting commentator in the world.

Let's hope his cricket career is a long one, then.