Monday, 2 November 2009

NWG Is Back

Hello friends and enemies alike. NWG has returned after a little break. It seemed fitting after a long summer of cricket, she needed to change her scenery.

And then the India v Australia series started.

And now she's sucked in to the cricket world, once again.

And it feels great to be back.

NWG received a present the other day. The box set of the Ashes series on DVD. Oh how she passed the hours happily watching the Oval Test. And Lord's. And Cardiff.

She still can't really understand how England escaped at Cardiff, even though it actually happened.

Lord's was just as good as she remembered.

But it was the Oval that really was the most interesting. Mainly because NWG was hardly able to appreciate what was happening given that she was actually there.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, NWG, enemy here :-)

well, we are getting twatted about in India. Somehow, we've managed to fluke it to 2-2 but I suspect the joy will be short lived since pretty well every player we have is injured.

Looking forward to watching the Saffers play the Saffers in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

agree, the oval was the most exciting. this is what happens when cricket matches are played at grounds that ooze history.

Oval is England's finest ground. Fact.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

So true