Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Injuries, Rain and Complaining

NWG can imagine that being a professional cricketer would be pretty cool. Travel the world; play cricket; paid loads of money; representing your country (or the one you've resided in long enough); winning the odd match here and there. NWG could go on, but she's bored now.

Yet, despite all the wonderfulness, the admiration, there are some that still complain.

Let's take KP, mr. moan. Oh it's rained and I haven't had enough practice. Oh, my ankle hurts. Oh, my ankle won't heal. Oh, I'm always booed in South Africa, it's not fair. Oh, everyone likes Jonathan Trott now and not me. Oh, I miss my wife. Life's so unfair. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Suck it up, KP. Score some runs, that might help.

You don't hear James Anderson having a moan, do you? He's got a bad knee, but still manages to take wickets.

KP is in need of a stern talking to.

Who has the guts?


Stani Army said...

...not as good as being a professional :)

By the way, I'm going on strike Nightmare, until you disable word verification. I did ask you nicely before but you completely ignored it, as you have a habit of doing.

Goodbye :(

The Nightwatchgirl said...

how does NWG do that? Tell her and she will, Stani

Stani Army said...

Alright alright, I won't go! :) haha

I don't bloody know do I? I'm a WordPress guy not a Blogger guy like you....girl, I meant girl. I'm with the in crowd, the bourgeoisie, I don't know what you proletarians use.

Ok, ok, I'll have a butcher's and see what I can find :) Honestly, the things I do for people!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Thanks Stani - NWG appreciates

Stani Army said...

Are you feeling alright? Stop being kind to me, I'm not used to it.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG is in a good mood Stani. Nowt wrong with that.

Stani Army said...

Nowt? From Teeside now are we? You're supposed to say 'nuffin'. And, apparently a South Londoner but supports the Villa?

More questions than answers, but I'm onto you Nightmare.

You should be in a good mood more often. Anything to do with carrot cake?

Rob said...

I think the only way he would understand would be if he somehow recorded it on tape and then played it back to himself.

Stani Army said...

Woohoo! Crack open a bottle of....mineral water (I don't drink...and you shouldn't).

Thanks to Nightmare ;) it's goodbye word verification!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

wooooooooooo! NWG can follow instructions! Yes!

Stani Army said...

She's lying everyone, it was all her own work......