Sunday, 27 December 2009

Post-Christmas Cricket

Is there anything better? Whilst it's cold, rainy and did NWG mention cold? Those England boys, having digested their turkey, and make the effort to entertain us.

How nice.

And it's not going too badly, either.

Graeme Swann is soon becoming one of NWG's favourites. Yes, he isn't liked by everyone. NWG can understand he's a bit of a marmite fixture, but he's actually rather good. And he has a wicked smile, which NWG quite likes.

And let's not forget Andrew Strauss. Fastest Test 50. Nice.

Thanks England.


Unknown said...

Why dont people like Swann, I dont get it. A cricketer with some personality is a bad thing? He doesnt have his head up his own arse like the Australians. He usually has a witty remark for the media, you can tell he would do a far better job than most of the dullards interviewing him. Not to mention he is a handy player. He already bowls with more invention and purpose than any English spinner I can remember. Oh yeah, and he can also hold the bat. So who are these haters?

Stani Army said...

Me :)

Swann doesnt have his head up his own arse? Ben!!! The reason Swann doesn't seem to have his head up his own arse is that it's so far up that it's come out the other side.

But, I'm not hating him at the moment because my hate is busy working on Broad....daddy and boy.

Seems Cook's secured his spot for another decade with a century. Bloody choir boy.

Anonymous said...

Swann doesn't have personality - he is just a git with a stupid grin.

I am biased though, to which Stani will testify, I only like Aussie spin bowlers named Nathan. So Swanny didn't stand a chance with me.

But yes, all is going well for England in Saffa-land (sadly). Good to see Cook and Belly do well - especially Belly, I wasn't even sure he would play this test.

Unknown said...

Sid have you read Swann's journals in All Out Cricket? If you want to see gits with stupid grins look at the Aussie team.

Stani Army said...

I Stani Army, do testify that Sid is completely biased.

Sid, Swanny didn't stand a chance with you? Did he try it on you? Tell me, I'll sort him out.

I agree with both Ben and Sid. I can do that can't I?

I say we gather our hatred together and send it in the direction of Shane Watson. That will make us all feel better.

Unknown said...

I want to get ten minutes and a baseball bat with that plonk who dropped Watson.

Stani Army said... first. Use a cricket bat though, it doesn't have rounded edges.

The MG said...

I'll join you here, NWG. Big Swann fan :)

And Stani, yes, all hatred should be redirected toward Watto. What is it about these overrated, arrogant Aussie players that gets my goat, I wonder?