Monday, 14 December 2009

To IPL Or Not

NWG has new found respect for James Anderson and Stuart Broad. They have come out and said they're not interested in going to the IPL and they would rather focus on their England careers.


Did you hear that KP? Freddy?

Country before money.

It sounds so simple.

They prefer to play cricket for their country rather than check their bank account.

Listen to them, boys.

They speak sense.


Anonymous said...

Freddy doesn't need IPL anymore - now he has his socks.

Stani Army said...

Hoggard would never have done that.

...not that he'd ever get the chance to choose :)

(I'm trying desperately to get out of your good books Nightmare)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Sid - Freddy is all about the money. If he's fit, he'll be on the first flight to India.

Stani - won't work. NWG is in the christmas mood. Nothing you say to her will change that. Plus Matthew Hoggard was never a twenty20 player.

Stani Army said...

Nothing I say?

Nightmare, Christmas is cancelled this year. How about now?


....Hoggard was 20 stone though. I'm glad you admit he was rubbish at t20 though :)

Poshin_david said...

Funny that Stani, and NWG don't appreciate IPL. And even more ironically is that I supported Freddie as he was with Chennai last year and this year as I write for Bangalore team's website, my loyalties have changed.

But I appreciate Broad and Jimmy but at the same time IPL has never come before country so far. Just look at the players in the IPL. They put country first, so I see no reason why IPL and country clash...

Stani Army said...

I see what you're saying but I don't dislike the idea of the IPL in it's purest form. It's Modi I hate......not as much as I hate Nightmare though :)