Friday, 23 January 2009

England "Training"

While the rest of us are stuck in a cycle of wet, windy, cold weather, the England team are lolling about in the sun.

Cricket isn't fair.

The team are supposedly "training" whilst on a beach.

If that's training, NWG is in line for the England prize for best trainer.

Surely they should be stuck in a gym or remembering how to catch, not making sandcastles and frolicking in the waves.

All NWG can say is that their first game best be faultless.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

IPL = $$$$$$ for England

The ECB have today released England players for three weeks' play for the IPL. Has this been through player pressure or do the ECB genuinely think that this is a good opportunity for the England players?

NWG is troubled (as she often is).

Three weeks is not a long time. Three weeks is time enough to get injured. And to get injured in April is not long to recover for the congested cricket summer.

It seems a given that Flintoff and KP will be first on the plane (if they make it in time for boarding).

Is the money worth risking their England career? Has the economic downturn really hurt the England players this much?

NWG thinks the answer is no.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

England's Advice For the West Indies

England are currently flying over the Atlantic heading to the West Indies for their first tour since KP's 'episode.' And it's been Grame Swann who they've let speak to the press.

Swann says that Strauss has told the England squad that it's up to each of them to be prepared. This is slightly worrying. NWG imagines their training to be as follows:

Andrew Strauss: read notes on captaining. Speak to players about being well-behaved.
Andrew Flintoff: no drinking. Steer clear of pedaloes.
KP: keep mouth shut. Score a million runs (bloody captain, putting on all this pressure on me).
Matt Prior: try and be quiet to avoid attracting undue attention.
Alastair Cook: work on tan.
Ian Bell: be nice to Strauss.
Steve Harmison: bowl to the wicketkeeper.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Flintoff Talks of The End

Andrew Flintoff remains England's best player. Without him, England isn't England. So it has upset Nightwatchgirl that in an interview today, he has said what NWG can't bear to face. He's talked of 'the end.'

"I sort of feel my body's only got a certain amount of balls left to bowl."

Flintoff turns 31 this year.

What will England do without him?

Who will replace him? Can anyone replace him?

We had to wait five years between Botham leaving and Flintoff's first cap, will there be another five year wait?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Millions and Millions and Millions

Nightwatchgirl was all for Andrew Strauss becoming England's new captain; to instill some continuity and lack of ego into the team.

That was until now.

Strauss, presumably being repeatedly hounded by press asking him about KP, has decided that KP won't just waltz (or ice skate) back into the team, unnerved by recent events; he won't just twirl his way back into good books of all England fans, he will go to the West Indies and "score millions of runs," (imagine the score: 1,000,100-4).

Now Strauss, NWG knows you must be under a lot of pressure, but there is never an excuse for hyperbole. Leave KP to dig his own hole and you just get on with what you need to.