Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bill Frindall: A Scoring Legend

Bill Frindall, cricket scoring legend, died at the age of 69.

Being the longest serving member of Test Match Special, he knew of every run, every catch, every player, every law.

Aggers had this to say: "He brought to life this weird and wonderful world of cricket scoring that other people might find tedious and boring. He made scoring into an art form."

This is a sad time for cricket.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

IPL Shopping List

The Ebay shopping auction has been released for the England players. Those included are:

Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison, Ravi Bopara, Monty Panesar, Robert Key, James Foster, Tyron Henderson, Sajid Mahmood, Matt Prior, Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood, Owais Shah, Shaun Udal, Darren Gough, Ryan Sidebottom, Graeme Swann, Luke Wright, James Anderson, Ed Joyce, Dominic Cork.

KP has the highest bid of $1.3 million and Graham Napier has already been signed to the Mumbai team.

In these economically strained times it seems a tad extravagant for these players to be paid so much, especially NWG's favourite player Ryan 'moody' Sidebottom.

Maybe they'll be ploughing the money back into the British economy by buying flashy cars and diamond earings.

Flintoff and Shah Recover (Phew)

Andrew Flintoff will miss the next warm-up game against West Indies A as a precaution for his side strain.

NWG recommends rest and relaxation to ensure he will be fully fit for the first Test.

And other good news is that Owais Shah's scratched cornea has healed, or whatever happens to eyes when they get scratched and unscratch themselves. Shah is proving himself as a most useful batsman and will hopefully be rewarded with a place in the line-up for the opening game.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

South Africa Series

The full schedule has been announced for England's trip to South Africa this winter and it's missing something.

The ECB had announced that there would be five Test matches, but it appears that one has been lost somewhere between Europe and Africa and now there are only four.

This trend for upping the number of ODIs and Twenty20s and lowering the Test matches is not a good one.

Test cricket is really the knees of bees. Yes, it might not make the cricket companies as much money, yes it does take that little bit longer, but (and it's a big but), Test cricket rules.

Would the Ashes be the same if it was just a ODI series? No.

And that answer is the answer to everything (well, nearly everything).

The five day Test match holds all that is great about cricket.

Something must be done to remind those in charge not to forget how the game was born.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

There's Good News and Bad News...

So the good news first:

1.Kevin Pietersen goes ahead and scores 103 with his first innings since 'the episode,' (which is how NWG will be referring to KP's meltdown from now on). This is good news because:
a) He scored runs.
b) He's not gone insane.
c) England need him to just concentrate on batting and he seems willing to comply.

2. Owais Shah is currently on 80* (off 85). NWG likes Shah, he knows how to score quickly, no messing about which is an excellent skill.

3. Alastair Cook scored 52. Good start as Vice Captain.

And the bad news (which is pretty bad. Prepare yourself).

1. Andrew Strauss was out for a duck. Hopefully it's not a reflection of how things will continue, otherwise we're in trouble.

2. Andrew Flintoff scored 11. But worse than that he's gone and injured himself. Worrying.

There's no need to lose the plot. There's no need to panic. This is just a warm-up. It doesn't mean anything. England are just adjusting. They haven't played cricket in a while.

Or something.