Friday, 27 February 2009

142 Reasons Why Andrew Strauss Is Great

1. He's England's captain.
2. He was born in South Africa, thereby following the trend of England players/captains born in another country.
3. He's scoring runs. Like millions of them.
4. Even when England lose Test matches, he still remains positive.
5. He caught the greatest slip catch of all time in 2005. No arguments.
6. He seems friendly (unsubstantiated).
7. When he was dropped from the England team, he went to New Zealand (obviously) to get some playing time. Shows dedication.
8. He took on the captaincy when it was a heavily poisoned and radioactive chalice.
9. One of his nicknames is muppet.
10. He doesn't have a huge ego.
11. He's calm.
12. He has brown hair.
13. He went to school in Melbourne and learnt how to play cricket. Thanks Australia.
14. He can keep KP under control. What a brave man.
15. He'll be a great captain against Australia this summer.
16. NWG can think of many more, but frankly, she doesn't want to give the man an ego. Now is not a good time. Any more you can think of are welcome.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shane Warne Wins Prize For Intellect

Shane Warne has admitted that without Andrew Flintoff, England can't/won't/will be incapable of winning the Ashes this summer.


England fans are well aware of the importance of Freddy to the team and to the prospects of England winning. This is not new. In fact, NWG would go as far to say that it was blooming obvious.

But let's not forget some other players who occasionally step up to the plate and deliver:

Kevin Pietersen - when he's not having a tantrum/forgetting how to hold the bat/being captain.
Ian Bell - when he remembers how to score runs.
Paul Collingwood - when he takes amazing catches/makes run outs.
Steve Harmison - when he aims for the wicketkeeper.
James Anderson - when the moon is in the right phase and mercury is behind Jupiter he can really bowl.
Andrew Strauss - when being captain isn't overwhelming him.
A wicketkeeper - whoever that may be.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

KP Speaks the Truth

So it's taken a world wide scandal, a near sacking of Giles Clarke and the collapse of the really brilliant, totally flipping awesome Super Star Series-We'll-Give-You-Silly-Money-Just-For-Playing-Cricket, for Kevin Pietersen to finally admit that it was all a dreamy farce.



NWG thinks that pretty much the entire population of the world that has the smallest interest in cricket knew that the second it was announced it was beyond ridiculous.

Or is Kevin's late hatred for the series connected to the fact that poor Jessica wasn't one of the lucky CWAGS to sit on Stanford's (tainted) knee? (More likely.)