Friday, 27 March 2009

Kevin Pietersen And His Big Mouth

Poor Kevin.

Stuck in a job where you're required to play cricket.

Forced to travel to far flung destinations.

Paid a huge amount by the ECB for the privilege.

Separated from his ice-skating wife for months at a time.

What a hard life.

KP admitted that "it's been a heck of a tough time and I'm at the end of my tether now. Really and truly I can't wait to get home."

Even more comforting, he says "I'm ready to do a Robinho and disappear back home!"


NWG is sure that England cricket and its fans feel reassured that their supposedly 'star' player feels so positive about the game.

Will this stop him from going to South Africa for the IPL?


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Surprise Surpirse

No, not that England lost. That comes as no shock to the system.

But that England tried. Despite all their efforts, they almost made a game of it.

Pietersen, Prior, Collingwood, Broad and Batty all did their best to lose the game.

Strauss really was the only one in the match (and Harmison did his best).

All in all, quite a good day's entertainment.

England Champions Of The World

England women are world beaters. They are now officially the best in the world.

The best.



If only they could do some coaching with the boys, they might be able to help them out and teach them a thing or two.