Friday, 24 April 2009

Freddy Injured. Again.

Bloody IPL.

Bloody South Africa.

Bloody cricket.

Bloody knees. Possibly the worst joint in the human body.

It seems to abandon the English cricketer just when we all need it to function as it should.

Flintoff will now fly back to England to have a knee operation and be out for 3-5 weeks and definitely miss the West Indies series.

Please, oh cricketing god, don't abandon England in their summer of need.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Australia lose to Pakistan

What is happening in this world?

Andrew Symonds made his comeback with a brilliant score of 2 and poor captain Michael Clarke managed to score only 4 runs.

NWG imagines the dressing room to be as follows:

Michael Clarke: "ah look, that's a bugger."
Andrew Symonds: "ah look, don't worry about it pup, we'll be right."
James Hopes: "ah look, well at least I made an effort."
Michael Clarke: "ah look, you're right Hopey, you did great."
Andrew Symonds: "Rack off, pup, I did my best, it's not my fault I haven't played internationally for months..."

And so on. The row continues. And Michael Clarke wishes he had just gone to the IPL and made some pocket money to spend in England this summer.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Thoughts Of Sarah Hoggard

The Times has been printing extracts from Matthew Hoggard's book today and NWG couldn't resist quoting the following:

After a night out for dinner during the Ashes Oval Test, Matthew, as seen from Sarah, his lovely wife "was grumpy, he was snappy, nothing was right."

Hoggard grumpy? Impossible.

Snappy? Lies.