Friday, 17 July 2009

Ashes Day 2


NWG is one happy England fan right now. Anderson, Flintoff and Broad have all stepped up this afternoon and it makes English weather seem not so bad. 156-8. NWG keeps saying it over and over and it still doesn't seem real.

Though there is one thing that NWG doesn't quite understand. How is it, when both teams agree to play under lights, that when the lights actually come on, the batsmen are offered the light because of the shadows?

This seems wrong.

But also slightly right, as NWG has tickets for tomorrow. She hopes Strauss will enforce the follow-on and England have a repeat of today.

Well, what a start to the day.

Wickets, wickets, and more wickets.

NWG feels slightly sad for Ricky, given that he wasn't out.

England are doing brilliantly. Runs at the end of their innings and early wickets.

James Anderson - you rule all.


(one of those statements isn't true. Guess which one it is.)

Lord's Day One

NWG had a lovely day yesterday. The sun was out, the rain stayed away and she was seated in a stand with padded seats. Oh the luxury.

But it was Andrew Strauss that made NWG's day. Aside from Alastair Cook, the other England batsmen seemed slightly distracted with the job in hand.

England need a minimum 450 today, otherwise things look slightly doubtful. Although the weather looks like it will play an important part. Rain today, rain tomorrow and then who knows if there'll be enough time to finish the game.

NWG's highlight was seeing a misfield by Ricky Ponting, with the ball going straight through his legs.

Her lowlight was when she was leaving. Having made friends with all around her, aside from one man, she was saying her goodbyes as she moved down towards the exit. When, as if she had gone back in time to the 1950s, this man, whom she hadn't spoken to, pinched her bum.


And wrong.

These little things....

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The End Of Freddy

So that's it then. No more Freddy. The end of an era.

Which means the Ashes is even more important to him than before.

Is this a good time for him to announce the end? NWG thinks not. England fans could have probably dealt with it better at the end of the summer.

Oh well.

Farewell Freddy.

Let's make Lord's that bit better (and NWG is there tomorrow, so even more reason).

Monday, 13 July 2009

Harmy Back For Revenge

Knees are the worst joint in the human body. They don't function properly. They are an evolutionary nightmare.

Just when you think you can rely on them; they fail.

Dear Mr. Flintoff's knee,

Please start working again. Just for the summer, and then you can self-combust.

Yours Sincerely,


Back to other business: the Lord's squad.

Harmison has a good record at Lord's against Australia. Anyone remember scarface? Surely he will play and Monty will be dropped.


NWG will be at Lord's on Thursday. She's not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. She is already nervous.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Draw Of The Century

Against all the odds, England have managed to cling to a draw today.

And no, it's not a win, but yes, it certainly does feel like it.

Nothing better than seeing sad Australians and happy English (and Welsh) men.

England go to Lord's still at 0-0, and they can consider themselves lucky to have escaped.

Long live James Anderson and Monty Panesar.

NWG forgives all.